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My latest years lead me into the world of relationships, which I would like to share with you. I’m always curious to learn about relationship stuff… but this podcast aims to encourage and support all of You, who experience difficulties in their lives.

I talk about topics connected mostly with relationships and show the ways how to deal with them.

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Here it is. My first special episode for Christmas 2019 as a START of this podcast! Hang with me as I share with you lots of personal stuff: Let’s talk about hard breakups and how to move on… How to decide and finally let go a toxic relationship? Accepting the past without closure and how it is to make a first step into the law of attraction.


To know who we want in our life, we often need to realize who we are alone. And I was giving it some deep thoughts I wanted to share with You. Despite my voice is a bit sick (sorry about that..) my heart is here to help you realize WHO YOU ARE and WHO YOU WANT.

What is that, we so desired on our partner? What is important for us in future? Those questions are sooo important while being conscious in our searching and looking for our perfect match. Let’s start!


How do I deal with stress and anxiety? – Situation before COVID-19 . I went through a couple of hard days, weeks and even months and tried to work on my situation. Looking for relief and mindfulness in the hard times. Do you try to hide your problems by distracting yourself with work or other stuff? Take a moment and think about the source of your problems and seek positive energy in dealing with stress.


Year 2020 is making us to face restrictions which can make huge changes on our relationships. Are you in lockdown or unable to see your partner due to the world quarantine? I’m sharing some personal views on long-distance relationships today with you. My own experiences as well as tips for overcoming unwanted separation as a couple, or someone seeking a life partner. Sending love to all of you! Stay safe and follow me on @bartikovairena for more..

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