“Everything you can imagine is real.”

– Let’s make it happen


My name is Irena, but many know me as Ireine. I am a professional photographer, content creator, podcaster, traveler and a creative soul. I love to create unique pictures with atmospherical light, which I would like to share with you…

I believe that each person or business fits a different style, based on what we wish to express behind the scene. 

I am trying to be more than a photographer to my clients. I want to make sure you have a clear vision, we agree on details and you feel comfortable about both pictures and experience on setup. That’s why I’m trying to understand every project as an individual and reach the top of our imagination.

… Wanna plan your project together? 


Sometimes we need photos that can tell more than we can express with words… represent us, look great on socials and even give us more self-confidence. We often look up to people with great pics and desire to be like them. You can look as glamorous and keep your originality! Ask me about the photoshoots and tell me your secret wishes. Nothing makes me more happy than planning unique photoshoot for you and see happy faces of my clients!

Family pictures

Precious memories that you want to remember will not stay in our minds as fresh as we wish. Kids grow up and phone pics get lost, but I want to give you a professional service, where you can choose a set of memories forever. Varying from digital pics to albums and prints, we can personalize this experience and results to your expectations.

Commercial shooting

Let’s talk BIG PROJECTS – Working in a team full of creative people is always something I’m up for. Great things can be created by great minds put together. So if you consider a photographer for your project or company media team, I’m ready just for you!

Product photo

In the world of overflowing supply on the market, the thing which differs us from mediocrity are our visuals. Clients don’t like to pay a lot of money for a pig in a poke… Let me join your team for a while and help you to boost your business in the creative way, to get your dreams higher. Every brand I work with tells a different story and needs a little different approach. I dedicate time to understand your expectations and customize my services exactly for your needs.


This is time for you and only you! Wanna boost your business and don’t have good pictures or stunning studio portraits? … family photoshoot, CV pictures, glamour calendar? In studio we can prepare almost anything you want to and there is really NOTHING to be afraid of! Whether you have an exact need, idea, or just want to experiment – I’m just one message away.


One of my big passions is documenting world around us to capture it in time and reveal the changes. Visit with me, my dad and forest workers in the heart of Czechia where I portrait the Vysočina nature suffering with bark beetle invasion since the 2016.

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